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SLAP Lesion Repair

The joint of the shoulder is a ball and socket. The upper bone is the humerus, and that is the one that goes into the socket. The socket is referred to as the glenoid and it is attached to the scapula, the technical name for the shoulder blade. A person may have a SLAP injury, short for superior labrum anterior posterior. The labrum is the rings of cartilage that surround the glenoid to offer it a smooth and stable movement. The tendons of the bicep attach to the shoulder to offer additional stabilization.

There are many scenarios that can result in someone requiring SLAP repair. They include landing with the arms out during a fall or sports, lifting heavy items, and a vehicle accident where there is a great deal of force against the shoulder. Most people will experience severe pain at the joint of the shoulder if they have a SLAP injury.


Talk to your doctor right away if you have experienced such an injury and you have pain in that area. They can examine the shoulder and you may need to have an MRI with special dye used in order to fully identify the tear and the severity of it. Once that is confirmed, you will be given medication to reduce inflammation and to control the pain.

SLAP Repair Surgery

If you want to be able to resume activities such as sports or certain work related tasks, you may need to have SLAP repair surgery. This is due with a small incisions being made while the patient is under anesthesia. A camera is inserted into the shoulder and the insides of it viewed by the doctor on a screen.

Depending on what is found, the doctor will take the necessary steps to remove bone fragments and to repair the SLAP. After surgery, it is important to follow all of the instructions of your doctor. You need to keep the incisions dry and clean to reduce the risk of infection. You will also need to do daily exercises that will help you to get stronger shoulder muscles and to improve range of motion. It may be some time before you are released to return to sports and other activities.


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