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Patella Tendinosis

Jumper’s knee is common in those that take part in sports such as volleyball and basketball. The technical name for such an injury is patella tendinosis. It is due to the patellar tendon becoming inflamed due to the damage. This tendon is connected to your shinbone and the kneecap. It helps you to extend your lower legs. When it is torn due to repeat movements or trauma, it can be very painful.

It is important to talk to your doctor if you experience such pain. It is going to continue to get worse and worse. If you continue to engage in the activities that caused it, your pain is also going to get worse. Your doctor will complete an assessment and ask you to have an MRI completed so they can confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment Options for Jumper’s Knee

There are several treatment options for patella tendinosis. The best solution will depend on the medical information your doctor has collected. Resting the knee and avoiding activities that will further aggravate the condition is recommended. Medications to reduce pain and inflammation will likely be prescribed.

Stretching can help to prevent patella tendinosis from getting worse. Don’t skip this before you exercise or after your workout. Make sure you keep the exercise low impact and that all of the exercises are approved by your doctor. They may give you specific ones to do that help you to get stronger in the calf, quads, and hamstring.

Applying ice to the affected area several times per day can help to reduce pain and inflammation. You may be asked to wear a knee support in order to reduce the amount of force the tendon is going to experience. Corticosteroids may be injected or applied using a type of electric charge known as iontophoresis.

Surgery is considered as the last treatment option. If the other treatments haven’t offered enough relief it may be the next step. This involves removing the damaged areas of the tendon and repairing them.

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