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Partial Shoulder Replacement

The procedure for a partial shoulder replacement involves replacing the humerus bone with an implant that is made from metal. The rest of the shoulder joint, which is the socket, is left untouched. The new prosthetic works well with that original socket. This type of procedure is often considered when the patient is experiencing a great deal of ongoing pain. They also have limited strength and mobility in the shoulder.

The most common cause of the need for a partial shoulder replacement is due to osteoarthritis. This is a condition that continues to get worse over time. The cartilage that allows for smooth and pain free movement is wearing away. As a result, the ball of the joint is rubbing against the bone. This is what causes the shoulder to become stiff and the pain to develop. With the prosthesis in place, there is less friction and the pain is lessened or eliminated.

Before a patient is considered for a partial shoulder replacement, other forms of possible treatment are explored. They include medication to reduce pain and inflammation, resting the shoulder, and physical therapy to make the shoulder stronger. When those solutions aren’t enough, the surgery may be the only option left.


There are risks associated with a partial shoulder replacement. They include an infection developing or the humerus being fractured during the procedure. Damages to the nerves or blood vessels can also occur during such a procedure.

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