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Meniscus Tear and Surgery

A very common injury to the knee, especially among athletes is a Meniscus tear. The knee can be bent or twisted quickly in a manner that results in that area of it tearing. This can cause a great deal of trauma and pain. The elderly can also suffer from a Meniscus tear, but the underlying cause is typically going to be due to the cartilage getting worn out with age.

There are two cartilage pieces that are wedge like, located between the shinbone and the thighbone. This is known as the Meniscus. The knee joint is there to work between them as a shock absorber. The pain, swelling, and stiffness due to a Meniscus tear can be very hard to deal with. The knee can also feel locked in position, making it suddenly hard to walk or your range of motion may be limited.

Talking to an orthopedic surgeon is recommended. They can take a look at your symptoms and your overall medical records. This will help them to assess your needs and to determine the best treatment plan for recovery. Your doctor will need to identify the location of the tear, the size of it, and the type of tear. Your age, overall health, and your level of activity will also influence that treatment plan. When the damage is to the outer areas, you may be able to avoid surgery. However, if the recover isn’t going well then surgery may be the next option discussed.

Surgical Treatment

The procedure for Meniscus tear surgery is known as knee Arthroscopy. The Meniscus may be removed, repaired, or replaced. A small camera is inserted through a incision so the surgeon is able to see the inside of the knee on a screen. They use very small instruments to remove the Meniscus. In many instances, it will then be pinned to help it heal.

When a repair isn’t possible, the Meniscus will be replaced with cartilage from a donor or materials that are produced in a lab. The patient will need to follow doctor’s orders to allow it time to heal. Avoiding standing on it for long periods of time and physical activity is very important until the doctor confirms such activities can resume.

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