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Labral Repair

It is possible for the labrum repair procedure to help when the labrum has suffered from a tear. This cartilage is rigid and triangle shaped. It lines the ball and joint socket found in the shoulder.. The two joints are cushioned and supported by the labrum. The primary role of it is to stabilize the joints.

A labrum tear is often the result of repetitive movements with the shoulders. It can also be the result of an injury incurred during some type of accident where the shoulder is impacted. Sports are another common reason for such tears to occur. Anyone with a labrum tear is going to know something isn’t right immediately. There is a great deal of pain associated with it that will be a telling sign.

Often, the labrum is out of the socket, so the joints of the shoulder aren’t able to move as they normally would. As a result, you may feel weak, feel a clicking or locking feeling when you move it, the shoulder is going to be stiff, and you will have limited movement. Many people also feel weaker in that shoulder than the other one. It is important to contact your doctor if you feel you may have such an injury.

Labral Repair Procedure

The procedure for labrum repair is fairly simple, and most patients will go home the same day. The procedure involves anesthesia and a small camera will be inserted into the shoulder through one or more incisions. Anchors will be inserted to reattach the labrum to the bone. The ligaments can also be tightened with special tools. Anchor sutures are used for open surgery but with a grafting procedure the labrum is created out of other areas of the body and reconstructed to work like the real thing.

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