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Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

At the front of the upper arm is where the biceps muscle is located. It serves the purpose of allowing your elbow to bend. It also helps with movement of the forearm. The shoulder joint also gets stability from these two tendons. One of them attaches to the elbow and the other to the shoulder bone.

Should there be a tear in the distal bicep tendon that is attached to the elbow, you aren’t going to be able to move your arm in certain directions. Your mobility is going to be limited and it isn’t going to heal on its own. If you don’t seek medical treatment, it is going to continue to get weaker. There are several different surgical procedures offered for distal biceps tendon repair. The doctor is going to use the method that offers you the best results and the fastest healing. Some of them require one incision and others require two.

Surgical Technique

The surgical procedure is going to involve reattaching the tendon with suture anchors after holes are drilled into the bone. There are times when a metal implant is going to be necessary in order to successfully attach the tendon. The incision or incisions will be made above the forearm. This is where the biceps muscle is attached to the radius bone. Anchors are going to be inserted into the bone to help secure the tendons and to promote healing.

After the Surgery

Follow the orders of your doctor after distal biceps tendon repair. This will help to promote the best recovery. You will need to keep your elbow bent at about a 90 degree angle. A brace with a hinge is often put in place to ensure this. It may need to be worn anywhere from six weeks to a full year. Keep your appointments with your doctor and they can address the process you are making.

Risks and complications

There are some possible risks to be aware of with this type of surgery. Some patients experience numbness or weakness in the forearm that doesn’t go away over time. Limited mobility in the arm may occur. Sometimes, the tendon is torn again and another surgery must be done to connect it again.

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