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Achilles Tendinosis

Insertional Achilles Tendinitis

The Achilles tendon is a very long one, it stretches from your calf muscles to the heel of your feet. It is a band of tissue, located at the back of your ankle, just above your heel and it attached over the heel bone. When there is a great deal of stress or force on it, this can result in tearing. This is going to be painful and the area is going to swell. Wear and tear on the Achilles tendon can be due to the fibers breaking down.

The typical age range for those with Achilles tendinosis is between 40 and 50. This can be due to various health problems for individuals in that age bracket. Certain use of medications including antibiotics and steroids can also cause this to wear down.


Pain and swelling are hard to ignore when you have Achilles tendinosis. It is important to see your doctor, especially if the pain is worse when you are active. You will likely need to have x-rays and an MRI for them to fully diagnose the underlying issue.


Non-surgical Treatment

Your doctor will try non-surgical treatment for the Achilles tendinosis at first. This can include medication for pain control and to reduce the swelling. You may need to wear a split to help offer additional support for the heel. Certain shoes may be required to be worn as well. Physical therapy is often part of the treatment as it can help the heel to get stronger and to ensure range of motion.


As a last resort to treat Achilles tendinosis, surgery may be required. This process involves removing the damaged portions of the tendon and the bone. Once they are removed, they won’t be able to cause any further irritation. Grafts may be necessary to make the tendon long enough to be successfully attached to the heel bone. Sutures are used for that attachment process. You may need to wear a splint for a few weeks to help aid the healing process after surgery.

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